"We are a healthcare organization dedicated
to improve the lives of people in Africa and beyond."

Our organization is structure into several unit to better focus our operations on specific needs in Africa.

Because life matter and bad healthcare kills, Advium Pharma started this journey to improve the lives of millions around Africa. Our primary market is the digitalization of healthcare in the African market, the distribution of medications using the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to guaranty the security and the quality of the medications and healthcare providers.

We are a platform based technology network with the highest quality of medicines and health professionals. We manage and operate an integrated system platform using the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to bring together Insurers, Doctors, Labs, Specialist, Pharmacies and patient in one click to better monitor the health of the patients.

Because of the growing problem of chronic illness and the high cost of treatments in the continent of Africa, Advium Pharma provides a discounted monthly subscriptions to our patients for free access to chronic treatments such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, oncology treatment, dialysis, HIV treatment…

Included within our network is certified healthcare providers where we wholesales our medications.



Advium Pharma brings together a guiding principle of developing innovative system to help people with their needs.
We share data between Labs, Doctors, and pharmacies to ensure the quality of the care providers.


Advium Pharma with the strong partnership across major laboratories produces vaccines to immunize people across the world.


Advium Platform brings together healthcare professionals and a diversified portfolio of treatment to raise the standard of our care and service to better serve our customers and patients needs.


Using the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, we guaranty the quality and security of medications distributed through the Advium Integrated System by facilitating access to a platform, the communication between Doctors, Laboratories, Hospitals, Clinics, Insurers, Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain and automated dispensary of medications to guaranty the safety of the health provided to the patient. The platform can be use in several African Countries throughout our trusted Partners using our network including some Partners in Europe, America and Asia..


Advium proposes various health program for patients with recurring conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, HIV treatment, Oncology…. Also, E-prescription and E-subscription to access chronic medicament.


The growth of African market brought Advium Pharma to focus on products such as Chronic Diseases.
Advium Pharma works to provide better access to healthcare in all adapted medical treatments to each market.


- Management of Medical files and hospital appointment.
- Facilitate Hospital and medical bills worldwide using payment system.
- Distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical equipments.
- Estimation of medical bill (Hospitalization, treatment for specific illnesses, and medicine, drugs)
- Providing support for medical bill (program).



Because humanity is the core of our value, we are dedicated every day to provide better health to millions of people. Our missions and values guide is to ensure that our patients, our customers, our colleagues, our communities, our investors are at the center of our decision.
Our objectives is to be a trusted provider of medication. We aspire to be a leading provider of healthcare in emerging market. Advium pharma innovates to create value to our patient, partner in healthcare system and our investors.
We act - we provide - we serve - together.
We eradicate diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria.

We prevent by informing, educating, together with our partners we provide ethical and secure health care for all.

Because everyone has a right to live, we are giving everyone the same chance of survival by delivering innovative solution to healthcare :
- Access to healthcare for women
- Access to healthcare for children

We are strongly committed to develop our local community and the world.


Advium Pharma Team includes specialists with extensive experience in area of pharmaceutical companies.

The team is in compliance with the highest quality standards.


We supply a great variety of medicines. We make sure each patient receives safe products. By abiding with strict regulation on supply chain, we are using the latest technology to ensure that you receive safe medicines.

Advium Pharma works with the highest ethical, stricter partners in the market.